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The brands of WATEC International GmbH
Powerpacks and tank protection for mobile devices

With our brands PowerRay und TBIGG we set new accents in mobile accessories.


PowerRay: Our PowerRay-Batteries mit Li-Ion-Technology are produced according to latest development and manufacturing standards and absolutely compatible with the relevant original product. The product family contains power banks base on Samsung technology, batteries for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy, as well as chargers for all common smartphones. The technical features include overcharge, heat and short-circuit protection guaranteeing the maximum safety. Our products are approved and certificated according to EU standards.


TBIGG: The ultimativ display tank protection for smartphones and tablets set new milestones in the mobile accessories sector. Ultra thin and antibacterial it offers an absolute protection against scratches, hits, prevent the formation of bubbles and is easy to handle. The crystal clear view and the outstanding light transmission mark this only 0,245 mm thick tank protection. Our company owns the exclusive international distribution rights for this product.